Newsletter 2/2010

August 2/ 2010

SNOOP project has now been under way nearly one year. As scheduled in the project plan, the first year has been used for data collection, agreeing on data criteria and air quality measurements. During the second project year we will continue air quality measurements in the ports of Helsinki, Tallinn and Turku as well as onboard, and analysing the collected data. The second Policy Forum will be arranged during the second project year.

SNOOP is producing important information for the decision makers about Baltic shipping and its emissions

One task of the SNOOP project is to develop future scenarios for the emissions of shipping. First future scenarios for NOx were published already in the end of 2007 within the ShipNODep project and now those scenarios are further developed to cover also CO2 and SOx and updated with new emission data. Read more

WP2 partners continue work with emission model

The WP2 partners have been working with emission model by updating auxiliary engine model and extending the capabilities of the model for emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2, CO and particulate matter (PM2.5). Fuel consumption defaults have been changed to better reflect more realistic values. Read more

Decisions, decisions in WP3

Work Package 3 focuses on estimating the effect of ship emission scenarios on the marine environment using laboratory experiments and modelling. During the past months the WP3 partners have been concentrating on the availability of atmospheric deposition data.

Read more

Measurements continue in WP4

Work Package 4 focuses on effects of ship exhaust emissions on air quality (AQ), deposition rate into sea and estimates of impacts on human health. During the past months the WP4 partners have continued measurement in the harbours of Helsinki and Turku. Description of the exposure and human health estimation process including data requirements is under work for Turku, Tallinn and Helsinki. The air quality measurement campaign started in May and will continue until the end of September 2010 in Aegna, Tallinn. Read more