Expected results of the project

The project aims directly at producing policy relevant, scientifically based information on emissions from shipping and their effects on marine environment and human health. The expected results are

a.) improved scenarios for NOx, SOx, PM, CO and CO2 emissions,
b.) analysis of changes in emissions during the last 3 - 4 years,
c.) estimate of modelled ship-emission-originated deposition to the Baltic Sea,
d.) experimental knowledge on solubility of nitrogen to sea water and usability for marine biota,
e.) estimate of ship exhaust emissions’ impact on the marine environment,
f.) measured air concentrations and deposition of nitrogen and PM compounds near harbours and at coastal sites,
g.) analysis of impact of emissions on human health, and
h.) facilitation of the policy process through annual Policy Forums.

The project results also include making the emission calculation results more widely available for value-added processing, e.g. for the analysis of the HELCOM secretariat. By using the AIS data produced by operational marine traffic monitoring systems, the project contributes to quality assurance of the operational information collection through e.g. HELCOM AIS EWG (Expert Working Group for Mutual Exchange and Deliveries of AIS data).

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