Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project management and communication
Work Package 1 is responsible for management, networking and communication of the project. The WP focuses on organising project meetings, Steering Group meetings and Policy Forum. It is resposible for technical and financial management and reporting as well as maintaining the project's web pages. WP1 is also responsible for outer relations, public relations and media interaction. City of Turku, Environmental and City Planning Department is responsible for Work Package 1. City of Turku is also the Lead Partner (LP) of the project. All project partners are involved in the Work Package.

Work Package 2: Emission scenarios and quality assurance
The role of Work Package 2 is in emission scenarios and quality assurance. The WP focuses on improved and updated emissions scenarios to present policy needs. The aim is to produce reliable estimates of ship air emissions in harbour areas close to inhabitants. Stakeholder interviews of ship operating procedures and direct onboard emission measurements enable validation and ensure correctness of emission model. The responsible partner for Work Package 2 is Finnish Meteorological Institute. University of Turku/Centre for Maritime Studies, Åbo Akademi University and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences are involved in the Work Package.

Work Package 3: Effects on the marine environment
Work Package 3 focuses on estimating the effect of ship emission scenarios on the marine environment using laboratory experiments and modelling. Model on marine environment effects of ship exhaust gas emissions will be developed and complemented with new resuls from laboratory experiments on nitrogen solubility in sea water. The effect is counted according to requirements of stakeholders. The responsible partner for Work Package 3 is Tallinn University of Technology, Marine Systems Institute. Finnish Meteorological Institute and Åbo Akademi University are involved in the Work Package 3.

Work Package 4: Air quality and human health
Work Package 4 focuses on effects of ship exhaust emissions on air quality (AQ), deposition rate into sea and estimates of impacts on human health. The measurements from fixed installations will be complemented with measurements from moving platforms, e.g. from sniffer car and from ship-borne sensors. The WP models human health exposure using air quality data and emission scenarios. The responsible partner for Work Package 4 is Finnish Meteorological Institute. HSY Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, City of Turku and Estonian Environmental Research Centre are involved in the Work Package.

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